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Mixmag Supply is a forward-thinking, fashion-minded collection. With a nod to the music it was born from, we've designed, created and curated dancefloor and streetwear essentials for everyone.

This is a place for the every day and the every rave.

From our heritage collection to limited-edition capsules, Mixmag Supply is at the intersection of music and fashion and, most importantly, it's yours.

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Heritage Collection


The Dot is omnipresent in Mixmag's world and it means many things.

The shape of a vinyl and the beloved disco ball, the i in our logo, the world our music spans: it's the moon when you go out and sun when you come home.

Look out for it in the collection. 


Mixmag has been the leading voice in dance music and club culture since 1983. We’ve shaped and informed the global scene, exploring and reporting on its rich and varied culture for almost four decades.Fashion has been central to this.

From the bright and colorful acid house rave attire of the early 90s to the starkly-contrasting jet black techno uniform we see today, feeling part of something through your wardrobe is intrinsically linked to our scene.